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World Tour of Football Management Simulation

A history of football management games brought to you by Sports Imagination Publishing in 2015.

  • Title

    World Tour of Football Management Simulation

  • Authors

    Kev Iddon & Andy Watton

  • Games Featured

    SWOS, USM 98, CM1, FM 1982 + More

  • Release Date

    August 2015

  • About The Book

    Both Kev and Andy are huge fans of the football management genre and have spent countless hours, weeks, months…and even years racking up the victories, defeats and chairman ultimatums to be in a position to be able to write this book.

    From the first ever Football Manager (1982, Spectrum) right through to the current incumbents, with nostalgic visits to the likes of Sensible World of Soccer (PC/Amiga), Ultimate Soccer Manager (PC/Amiga/consoles) and Kevin Keegan’s Player Manager (SNES), this book will take the reader on a comprehensive, nostalgic and fun journey detailing the entire history of the football management game.

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